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2015 Show Adventures!


Isabel Simpson and Cara Mia winning all her Intro Classes Saturday and a First and Second on Sunday with a High of 67%. Great job bringing her Cara back from an extended layoff.


WKF Show in July, Young Rider Ashley Cobb Debuting Second Level with her horse Fred got three second level scores toward her Bronze with a high of 63%! Awesome Job! Three First Places and a fourth.

Third Level is just around the corner!

1315 web02
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Great Opportunity show with Camponero owned by Valorie Murray. First time out ever and was second place three times and a fifth. Great remarks with 8’s on his gaits!


WKF Show this May, Young Rider Ashley Cobb Debuting at First Level with her Mount Fred. Won all her Classes, was Reserve Champion and earned her First Level Scores towards her Bronze Medal! You go girl!

DSC02601 DSC02641
Boldness be my Friend

WKF Show this May, Boldness be my Friend, Debuted his first National show at Training Level with a high of 70%, Won two classes and Second in two classes! Very Proud of this boy! Owned by Stan and Raelynn  Stephens.


WKF Show this May, Gettysburg, Debuted Second Level, Won His Classes,  was Reserve Champion, Qualified for Championships with a high of 67%!  Owned by Stan and Raelynn Stephens! Way to go!


2014 Show Adventures!


2014 Year end results

Fiero was Grand Champion at Grand Prix with IALHA and 7th place for the USDF and SWDC.


Caviara Year End results was 4th place with the SWDC and 6th place for the USDF.


Fuji finished with the USDF and SWDC at PSG.

Mary showed him at WKF this fall I-1 with a 59.6%


Gettysburg Year End finish was 6th with USDF and SWDC.

Earned the GOLD Medal USDF ALL BREED Award for the Freisian Breed.

Fiero May Oklahoma Show    60.2%               June Houston Show   60%

Caviara -Fourth Level                                        May Oklahoma        66.31                  June Houston            66.                   July WKF                 65.87   

Fuji       PSG May OK           66.31                        Houston            66.00                I-1 (Mary)  WKF       59.61

Gettysburg First Lvl-OK         70%                       June Houston        66.77                    July WKF              70.81


Great show at CTDS BlueBonnet show this weekend. Jr . Rider Isabel and our Cara Mia won all thier Intro Classes ending on a high score of 78% and  qualified for the SWDC Championships. Gettysburg own by Raelynn and Stan Stephens was Reserve Champion at Training level, qualified for USDF and SWDC Championships with a high score of 74%, Caviara was Reserve Champion at Third Level Open with a high score of  66% already qualfied for USDF/SWDC Championships, Fugi was Reserve Champions at PSG, Mary and Fiero Reserve Champion at Grand Prix and Pablito and Mary were Grand Champion of Grand Prix. Way to go Bridled Passion Farm!

Our excellent grooms Ashley and Lilly.


Maggie and Jenna, Isabel and Olivia with William the Great!


Special thanks to Isabel andAnthony (Isabel’s dad) for all thier hard work, and the BPF girls for pitching in and being such good show dog sitters for us!

Mary was in the 60’s on both her Grand Prix horses Fiero and Pablito!

Gettysburg (owned by Raelynn Stephens) got a high of 73% at Training Level first time showing Nationally. Awesome job!

G 76

Fuji (owned by Misty Grady) for a high of 63% at PSG debute!

Superstar Caviara BPF, owned by Mary Claeys debuted at Third Level, all in the 60’s with a high of 64% qualified for Championships. Go Team!

Isabel and Cara Mia (owned by Sharon Sigtenhorst) ended with a high score of 70% in Intro and was Young Rider Champion! Great team for thier first time at a National show! THey were second in both classes Saturday and Won both Classes on Sunday!

I 15

Giddeon BPF owned and bred by Mary Claeys

Awesome start to our first National show of the season with a First Place Blue ribbon and score of 72.2% in the USEA Future Young Eventing Horse Three year old division with my 3 yr old Dutch Colt Giddeon BPF Show held at Meadowcreek Park in Kosse Texas.


Isabel and Cara Mia owned by Sharon Sigtenhorst.


Gettysburg owned by Raelynn and Stan Stephens

Caviara owned by Mary Claeys

Blue ribbons for everyone!!!! Bridled Passion Farm showed at the Curraugh Schooling Show this weekend and we brought home only Blue Ribbons!  Isabel and our Cara Mia was Champion of Intro, Gettysburg was Champion at Training  Level. Jack be Nimble Blue Ribboned in First Level, Caviara Blue Ribboned in Third Level. Great Scores in the mid 60's!  Yeah!!!!! Great start to a Great year!

Jack owned by Tracy Lynn



404 (640x427)

Great ending to show season 2013 as Mary and Fiero took Reserve FEI Dressage Champion at the 2013 IALHA Nationals. Fiero was also Fourth in the Top Five Pure Spanish Senior Stallions.


September Texas Rose Park- Fiero and Mary got a 61% at thier Grand Prix in the pouring Rain! Yeah and won the class.

Fuji got in the mid 60’s at Fourth Level, three first places, one second and was Reserve Champion at Fourth Level.

Biscann and Katy Tucker got a high score of 73% at training leve and 64% at Frist level, three first places and one second!

July WKF Show Despite the waterworks this morning, Mary Claeys and Jenna Jones came out in top today! Mary got 61% with Fiero on their Grand Prix test! Fuji received a 65% at third level, a 66% at fourth level!

MayDDC SHow Fuji owned by Misty Grady was Reserve Champion Saturday and Champion Sunday of Third Level open


IALHA 2013 Mary and Cheryl Pearsons Lusitano mare Ei were Champion in the Four year old Lusitano mare under saddle class.

scooter in d 153

Thanks again Jacquelyn for being our awesome groom and buddy!

2013 Bluebonnet Show Fiero was Reserve Champion at Grand Prix with a 56%. Mom threw points away by going off course! Oops, thinking too hard! Moving up the strength ladder!

WKF March Fiero’s first attempt at Grand Prix finished with a 55%. Off to Austin to get the momentum going for scores in the upper 60’s!


2013 April Bluebonnet Show,  Fuji is now moved up to the mid 60’s at Third Level and qualified for Championships at Second and Third Level!

March WKF Congratulations Fuji on his first time shown under saddle and her first time riding third level! He did an awesome job finishing up with a 61% at Third 3 and 63% at Second 3.

Photo of Tempi Changes, thought the timing of photo was nice.


WKF March Zar’s first attempt at Grand Prix finished with a 53% injured. Poor guy got a bruise on his side and didn’t want to move sideways. But a real trooper and he was obiedent though not as brillant as usual!

WKF March Cara Mia Won her Third 2 test! Now we just need to convince her she likes showing so she will do her changes!


March 2013 Scooter and Hannah’s second Schooling show of the Season at K&R Stables received 71% at First Level test three and a 72.2 at Training Level with two first places! On your way to a National Show!

Scooter and Hannah’s second show ever received 60% at First Level test three at Curraugh Schooling show! Great Job!


March 2013,Passa at Curraugh Schooling show  today. 30 mph winds. Didn't have time to lunge, Ground was soaked from all the rain, her first outing off the farm and first ever show. Despite all her silliness she received a 63% on her Training Three test. Yeah!


March 2013, at Curraugh Schooling Show Jack be Nimble, our three year old AQHA gelding. Just 120 days under saddle made us really proud! He  received a 64% on his training three test and was a real trooper with all the crazy going on. First time off the farm and first horse show ever!


2012 Show Adventures!



Special thanks to Robert Foley for being my Groom, Stylist, Gopher, Support Team and so much more!




Thanks to all my friends and students for coming out and supporting me and Fiero and Bridled Passion Farm!

Fran's July 2012 397

Team Passion at Windy Knoll Farm Show!

Fran's July 2012 330

October 2012 IAHLA National Championships in Fort Worth, Fiero was Dressage Champion at I-1 and Reserve Champion at PSG.

September 2012 Texas Rose Park, Fiero received a 63.5% at I-1 his first time showing this level. Qualified for IAHLA Championsips!

July 2012 WKF show Fiero is now consistant at 65% at PSG. Yeah! Qualified for IAHLA and SWDC Championships. I-1 for this fall. (Not bad for a rider with broken ribs!)

June 2012 FWDC show Fiero earned a 62% at Prix St. George!

April 2012 CTDS show, Our Fiero first time showing PSG just two points shy of his qualifying score!


Special thanks to Jacquelyn for helping with everything! Best groom and friend ever!

July 2012 WKF Electrizar received a 63% at I-1. He would have gotten a 65% by his rider (me!) started day dreaming and went off course!


September 2012 Cara Received a 61% at second level in the pouring rain! July 2012 WKF show Cara received a 63% at Second Level! Yeah!

Cara Mia and Mary warming up for the CTDS show in April.  She did really well for her third show ever and showing second level in the Rain and Wind!

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2012 September Texas Rose Classic in Tyler first National Show, Victoria scored in the upper 70’s every test, finished with a 76.6% and was Reserve High Point Champion of the show!

September show, Victoria received a 72% at training 3! Yeah Victoria!

May schooling show, Victoria’s first time out with a 62% at Training level! Great job first time off the property and first time in someone else’s spooky arena! Ready for the real thing!

Third show September at Windy Knoll Farm. Pablito received scores at 61.96% on Grand Prix and earned Mary her Gold Medal! We now have our one tempis on line and now just need to perfect our Passage-Piaffe.  He was awesome horse to ride and tried his best the whole show!

First show of the season for BPF. June Oklahoma show Pablito’s first attempt at Grand Prix got a 57%. We went to school it as we still need to perfect our Passage and one tempis, but I am really proud of him!


Great dinner at the Toyko Habiti Bar courtesy of Alma!

Ashly and Fred CTDS

Ashley did a wonderful job with Fred at Intro A & B! They got Grand Champion of Intro and well into thier 60’s. This is Ashley’s first National Show!

July Centerline Stables Schooling show, Ashley and Fred cleaned up with two first places! Intro C 73% and Training 1 72%


Well done Victoria and Dale. First time Victoria has ever shown and they were just a fraction from getting their score for their rider’s patch!


July 2012 WKF show Caviara received a 60% at Second Level.

May schooling show at Curraugh, Caviara earned a 62% at Second Level! Way to to go!



Hot Pocket and owner Raj Eldridge first time showing together (Pocket’s second show) September 2012 received a 60% at Training Level. Great Job!

Hot Pocket, owned by Shawn and Raj Eldridge. Four months under saddle, first schooling show July at Centerline Stables First Place at Training 3! Great Job


2011 Show Adventures

Cara Mia being very expressive!

cara mia canter

Mary, Jacquelyn, Brandi and Bon Dane.

Pablito corrected03

Pablito’s latest fan!

pablito and boy

Fiero, our Andalusian Stallion now seven scored a 65% at Fourth level test three. I think he will be ready to start PSG by the fall.

Qualified for International Andalusian Championships!


Cara got a 65% on her first level test this September at Windy Knoll with rider Brandi Nichols. Really nice riding pair!

Cara Mia was awesome at the Windy Knoll Show this July. She got 69.82% at Training level with amatuer rider Brandi Nichols. This was Cara Mia’s first time in the show ring!

Oldenburg Mare owned by Sharon Sigtenhorst.

9152_FINAL Windy Knoll02

Caviara received a 62% training level first show ever (and first time off the farm) this September at Windy Knoll Farm with rider Brandi Nichols. Great job to both of you!

Caviara is owned and trained by Mary Claeys


2010 Show Adventures


Heading off to Windy Knoll Farm


Evening warm up


Ooh this water is refreshing!

Not another 6am ride!

Pablito corrected04

Just getting started, we had a blast at the May Bluebonnet show in Austin.  Our new working student Jacquelyn was fantastic. She kept everyone on schedule, stalls were spotless, horses were incredibly happy and she called beautifully. Special thanks to Bree for fantastic braid job!

Pablito 6,  imported Hanoverian owned and trained by Mary Claeys. Competed successfully last year at PSG, debuting this year at I-1.

First show this May Pablito got a First Place at I-1 close to his 60% for USDF. Qualified for SWDC.

Second show WKF this July , 59% I-1, almost there!


Fiero, five year old Andalusian Stallion owned and trained by Mary Claeys. Houston show in September Fiero recieved 60% first time showing third three, Windy Knoll show in August 66% at second level. Scoring in the mid 60’s second level at March Schooling show first place all classes.

Fiero did really well for his first outting in a year at the Bluebonnet Show.  He placed second his classes at first and second level, in the 60’s, qualified for IAHLA Nationals.



CSir, Arab cross owned and ridden by Michelle Hawkes.  First show of the season, Arab breed show at Will Rogers this March. Michelle was first place at Fourth Level. Congrats!

Michelle and CSir cleaned up at the Bluebonnet show. She was first in all her fourth level classes, High Point Champion of Fourth level and within a point of her last fourth level score toward her Silver Medal.

Yeah!  Michelle got her fourth level scores at WKF this July, consistantly in the 60’s now!  Onward to PSG!


Amadeus, three year old Andalusian owned by Michelle Hawkes trained by Mary Claeys. First schooling show March 2010 showing training level with scores in the mid 60’s with 8’s on gaits.


Cadeau De Lion, Holstiener cross, Registered AWS gelding owned by Mary Claeys. Schooling PSG. Bred by friend Jan Brennanman.


Padishakh, Ukraine Warmblood owned by Mary Claeys.  I earned my Bronze Medal on Padi and hope to return to the show ring this year at PSG. Schooling Grand Prix movements.


2009 Show Adventures!


Bon Dane taking a nap with our new Jack Russell Terrier Maggie


Mary and Pablito warming up


Lauren and Zar


BPF pups meet Maggie


Bon Dane, Mary’s two year old Great Dane is our official show dog. He loves traveling with the girls, eating his favorite fast foods and all the attention. A real Super Star!  Taking a nap with his favorite girlfriend Lauren on our way to Houston!


What dreams are made of!

Pablito 6, Gorgeous Hanoverian imported from Germany by Kai Handt. Horse was  medium level, schooling PSG with Mary Claeys.  September Magnolia Show, Second Show with Mary first time shown PSG with a 62%. YEAH!! Sept. 24th received a 71% at PSG! Qualified for USDF and SWDC Championships.

 Shown third and fourth level this June at Bluebonnet in Austin with scores at 61% showing with Mary for the first time. He received Reserve Champion of the show in Third Level and First place at Fourth Level with 61%.


Cadeaux, lovely Danish Warmblood imported from Ireland. Owned by Nancy Thomas, was shown for the first time out in two years at the DDC Lemonadaze show 2008. With trainer and rider Mary Claeys. They were in the high 60’s at Fourth Level and was “Reserve Champion” at PSG with scores at 61%. First time he has shown these levels.

2009 Magnolia Show September, Received 66%% Plus with 9’s on his trot extensions aat I-1! Was Reserve Champion at I-1. Houston Labor day Show- 65% at I-1 Qualified for SWDC and USDF Championships with Mary. Go TEAM! Late Spetember Tyler show, Consistant scores of mid 60’s was first place on Saturday.

Lemonadaze still working at I-1 Close with Second Place.

2009 Debuting at Intermediaire 1 with two first places at Bluebonnet in Austin.  Three points from Gold Medal qualifing scores.

2008 Moving up Cadeaux received a 63.25% PSG and 67% Fourth Level at the Dog Days Dressage Show in Orange! Was Reserve Champion. Magnolia Fall show was First place in PSG, SWDC Houston Open show Fourth with consistant 60’s in PSG, working toward I-1 for this spring.

CONGRATS NORM FORBES on Great job with our young mare Josey!

Currently in 8th place in two shows in the Open division out of 35 horses and only two shows~

Third Show was CHAMPION at 2’9” division with two firsts, third. Clean Round!                                     Second show was CHAMPION in 2’9” division with a first, second and fourth.  CLEAN rounds! July 2009 HLF Summer Night Series.                                       First show won the Power and Speed class at 2’6” a third and fifth.


Lauren Donahoo photo by TIffany Cook


Electrizar, Eight year old PRE Andalusian Stallion, owned and trained by Mary Claeys since he was 6 months old.

2009 Zar is campaigning a young rider and intern at BPF with Lauren Donahoo showing third level. Magnolia Show September qualifiied for USDF Championships!YEAH! Houston Labor Day show Lauren earned scores in the Mid 60’s, qualified for SWDC and earned her BRONZE Medal. Congrats on a great job!! Lemonade Daze received three firsts, second and reserve champion young rider at Third Level with only three weeks of working with each other. Congrats!

2008 IALHA Was Third in PSG, Third in Doma Vaquera and Three Top Five Championship placings.

2008 Dog Days in Orange Texas, was Champion PSG with a score of 63.50% and 67+ in Fourth Level.                                         Windy Knoll Dressage in June, Zar was First Place in all his PSG and Fourth Level Classes.

2008 SWALHC IALHA Champion Doma Vaquera, High Point Horse, First English Hack, First Dressage Hack.

2007 IALHA National Reserve Champion Doma Vaquera Basico, First Place Doma Vaquera & Dressage Hack Open, SWALHC, IAHLA Champion Fourth Level Dressage and Champion Prix St. George Open.

2006,  FWDC Dressage Show, First place Third Level, First & Second Place Fourth Level Test One.                                          2006, SWALHC Fourth place Senior Stallions, Second place English Show Hack, First Place Dressage Hack Open                            2006, Lemonadaze I & II, First place in Fourth Level, Test One in both shows.                                                                                2006 Alamo Dressage I & II, Second Place Third and Fourth Level 2006 Silver Hills Dressage III & IV, Second Place Third and First Place Fourth Level Scores in the 60’s.                                         2006 IAHLA Nationals Second Place Senior Stallions                         Second Place Fourth Level Open                                           National Championship Reserve Champion Fourth Level Open     National Champion Top Five Dressage Fourth Level Open National Championship Top Five Spanish Stallions 5-6 year olds


CSir, 12 yr old Arab cross owned and ridden by Michelle Hawkes Debute this 2009 September with one month training at BPF at Fourth Level at the Houston Labor Day Show.  Michelle a USDF Bronze Medalist earned one of her scores toward her Silver Medal this weekend. Three first places and a second in the Adult Amatuer division. Congratulations on a great job!

Rebecca Atshul on her young Trakhner gelding Remmington at the 2009 Lemonadaze Show at Las Colinas debuting at Intro and Training level.  Scores in the mid 60’s. with two second place ribbons.


Our 2008 Show schedule started out pretty good this year!

Special thanks to Juan Espinoza for helping me with the show and showing horses in hand. Katy Tucker for being our groom on Friday, Valorie Murray for helping up haul horses, and Nancy Thomas for lending us her trailer.

We took High Point Horse, High Point Trainer, Doma Vaquera Champion, Champion Half Andalusian Mare, Champion Iberian Mare, Reserve Stallion, Reserve Mare, and many other titles and awards!  Thanks again for all your help with the show!


Congradulations to Katy Tucker at the DDC Lemonadaze show in Athens this July. She scored in the 68% at First Level with Nancy Thomas’ “Ryan Air”. A lovely imported Irish Sport Horse. Katy also took “Champion Junior Rider at First Level” with Ryan Air!

Katy also received her first score at Second level with her mare Dixie toward her Bronze Medal.

San Antonio show Ryan and Katy again took Champion Junior Rider in First Level with high scores in the 60’s.

SWDC Houston, Ryan and Katy were fourth place in the First Level Junior Championships and two firsts in the open show in First and Second level One.


Congratulations to Katie Tucker on her first National debute with her palomino Quarter horse mare Dixie. They recieved thier first scores toward her Bronze medal in First Level at the 2008 Fort Worth Dressage Show.

Great job!

Another great job at Las Coinas this May, she has her scores for first level toward her Bronze Medal and she is qualified for the SWDC Championships.

Katy got her first scores at Second level toward her bronze at the DDC Lemonadaze show in Athens. She also took Champion Junior Rider on Ryan AIr at First Level. She is on her way!


Fiero LFA, Four year old Revise Black PRE Stallion, owned and Trained by Mary Claeys.

2008 Windy Knoll Dressage in June, Fiero was First Place in his Training Four Class with scores in the 68% His first Dressage show!

2008 SWALHC PRE Champion 4yr old Stallion, BM, IALHA Champion 4yr old Stallion, BM and Reserve Champion Stallion, Second in Dressage Suitability.

2007 National Top Five Champion 3-4yr old Stallion, SWALHC, IAHLA Champion Junior Stallion, Best Movement and PRE Second Junior Stallions

2006 SWALHC PRE Division CHAMPION 2yr old Stallion, Best Movement Winner                           SWALHC IAHLA Division CHAMPION 2yr old Stallion, Best Movement Winner                                               2006 IALHA Nationals Fifth Best Movement           National Championship Top Five Spanish 2 yr Colt


Otono, Owned, trained and shown by Mary Claeys

2008 SWALHC PRE Third Place Two year old colts, IALHA Second in Two year old colts.

2007, SWALHC, IALHA Second in Yearling Colts

Qualified for Nationals


Especia BPF, three year old mare by our PRE Stallion Electrizar, out of ISR mare Florianna. Owned and trained by Mary Claeys

2008 SWALHC IALHA Champion Half Andalusian Mare, Champion Iberian Horse and Best Movement.

2007 SWALHC, IALHA Champion Iberian Horse,and Best movement winner, Third Place Half Andalusian Two and under filly. 2006 SWALHA Half Yearling Filly, Champion and Best Movement winner, Iberian horse all ages and sexes, Second Place (Beat by a 4 year old Stallion)  Half Andalusian Best Movement Winner!

2006 IALHA Nationals Second Place Half Andalusian Filly 2 and under                                                National Championship Half Andalusian Top Five Champion Best Movement                                 National Championship Top Five Champion Half Andalusian Sport Horse