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Bridled Passion Farm is located in Cleburne Texas, about 20 minutes south of downtown Ft. Worth. It is home for Mary Claeys, owner and trainer. Mary is a USDF GOLD Medalist and Grand Prix Competitor, a full time professional trainer and ongoing student of Dressage, specializing in Classical Dressage and Haute Ecole (High School) for both National competitions and exhibitions

Pablito corrected

Pablito completed his first year at Grand Prix in 2011 and earned Mary her Gold Medal.

Mary became a Gold Medal Rider on horses she personally trained. She has trained many horses thru the FEI levels thru Grand Prix. Mary and her horses have earned numerous awards and national titles. She continues her training with International trainers such as Rietmiester Karl Heinz Streng, Walter A. Zettl, Hannes Mueller director of the German Riding Academy, Jan Nivelle FN, Herr Harald Bauer of the Spanish Riding School, Jochen Hippenstiel FN, Alex Wortmann FN, Alfredo Hernandez and most recently FEI 5*/O-Judge Peter Holler (GER), Peter Borggreve of Germany,  Jane Savoie, Heather Blitz and attends USDF symposiums.

DRESSAGE is a journey, not a destination

In additions to her FEI horses, Mary trains outside horses for breeders and individuals for a number of disciplines, including Dressage, Breed Shows and Exhibition. “Communication between horse and rider is both the key and the joy. Each horse is a teacher and learning the lessons they offer us in our journey is a great  reward. Establishing trust and respect creates a bond that allows us to find each horses unique ability and way. The wonderful part about working with a variety of horses and disciplines is the awareness and understanding that it creates in me and strengthens my ability to communicate.”

Mary also starts many young horses under saddle and enjoys seeing young horses gain the confidence and understanding of their task. “It is the most important job we do as trainers. Establishing the correct foundation and communication in the beginning is the difference between a well trained horse and one who is nervous and unsure. Their needs are just like children, good fundamentals, Trust, love, work ethic are fundamental in their ultimate development and happiness.”


Mary focuses her lessons on teaching the art of “Riding Bio-mechanics”. The only true language horses understand. Teaching riders to ride from thier bodies first so that connection and balance become natural and harmonious between rider and horse. Most riders are taught to ride from thier hands first and this causes resistance and unwillingness from thier horse. Thus the rider is unable to move up the ladder of training.

With Mary’s unique teaching skills she has been able to help many riders achieve thier riding goals and earn thier USDF Bronze and Silver Medals.

Mary also judges local schooling shows and gives clinics . I enjoy encouraging and supporting our local riders that want to improve their riding skills, no matter what discipline they chose.



Horses are my PASSION and I look forward to the path they take me.


Regional Director for PREBA,Dallas Dressage Club, Fort Worth Dressage Club member.  2007  Board of Directors for South Central Sport Horse Breeders Assc.   USDF, USEF, IALHA, AHS, NA/WPN, SWAHLC and USPRE Horse member.


Fiero, now ten, was the 2014 IALHA Grand Prix Champion, 7th place for the regional Championships USDF and SWDC., 2013 was IALHA Reserve FEI Champion, 2012 IAHLA Dressage Champion at Intermediaire 1 and Reserve Champion at Prix St. George, Third Andalusian in the Nation for USDF All Breed Award. with owner and trainer Mary Claeys


Although Mary enjoys working with all breeds and disciplines, her passion is for the Baroque Stallions she trains and shows Nationally. “The bravado they exhibit is equally matched by their even temperaments and elegant movement they offer.”

Because of their naturally collected movement, their training structure is different from the big moving warmbloods that dominate todays Dressage arenas at the lower levels.

“As with all things, cycles are part of a nature, and as people find what a joy they are to own and ride, I  think the Baroque horses will be the next big cycle in Dressage.”


Electrizar raised and trained by Mary shown successfully through Grand Prix earning her her Silver Medal.

Alma, two year old filly at her first competition. She was Champion Two year old PRE mare.



Peter Holler
Peter Holler 2

FEI 5*/O-Judge Peter Holler (GER) 2015


2014 Peter Borggreve FN (GER) Head Riding and Training Master€¯ at the famous German State Stud (Landgestuet) in Warendorf, Germany.

Heather Blitz02

2014 Heather Blitz USA OLYMPIC Alternate and Author.

Jane Savoie02

2014 Jane Savoie USA Olympic Alternate and Author.

Peter Bor

Mary, Zar and Walter Zettl Father of Dressage, Successful Author and trainer.2005


Carol McArdle USA Eventing Olympian, Zar and Mary 2008


Alfredo Hernandez, Pablito and Mary In Hand Specialist that works with Olympic Riders and trainers. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


Mary, Zar and Herr Harald Bauer of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, July 2006


Mary, Zar and Jochen Hippenstiel FN (GER) Head Trainer Royal Lippizanner School in Ohio 2007


Mary, Zar and Jan Nivelle FN (GER)2004


Mary, Padishakh and Hannes Mueller FN (GER)Chief Director of the German Riding Academy.2003