Wrenwood Dressage, LLC* in Fulton, KY has been working with, and acquiring horses from Mary Claeys of Bridled Passion Farm for several years.  We find Mary to be one of the most honest and passionate admirers of the Andalusian breed.  Mary is a caregiver, a mom, a breeder, a disciplinarian, a dietary supplement wizard, a by-the-book Dressage rider/instructor, and a trusted friend.

Mary has sold us several horses and in each case, they consistently outperform the competition.  Her young horses have not been permitted to disrespect humans.  They were hand walked into their respective stalls for feeding and handling each day.  They were correctly taught to lead, give their feet to the Farrier, and introduced to object after object to better prepare her babies for life.  They were wormed, vaccinated, and Lord forbid that one didn’t gain weight at the rate Mary expected because she would be on the phone with us, modifying, adding, and grinding up one plant supplement after the other until she solved the problem.

Mary is a no-nonsense woman.  She has dedicated her life to the betterment of Andalusian horse and takes a deliberate professional approach in stallion selection.  Her horses work for a living and she prides herself in their work ethic.  Within her mare pastures, you will find strong boned, good footed, deep heart girthed mamas with prominent withers and a deep dark eye.  When you purchase a horse at Bridled Passion Farm the horse you take home has been the product of every ounce of her equestrian knowledge.  She produces athletic, gregarious, offspring with baroque characteristics that improve every time they are handled.

*Wrenwood Dressage, LLC specializes in horses suitable for FEI competition.  Dr. Wren Burnley is a licensed veterinarian and recipient of a USDF Gold Medal.  Her husband, JT Burnley, is a sought-after Dressage trainer/clinician that has ridden at the FEI level for over 35 years.

I became acquainted with Mary Claeys a number of years ago as a student at her Bridled Passion Farm in Cleburne, Texas. As a relatively new adult rider and equestrian, I was quite intimidated and challenged as I started into a horsemanship program with Mary. Even though there are many equine facilities in the Dallas area, I selected Mary’s program because of the focus on the basics of horsemanship and basics of dressage.

Because of Mary’s strong communication skills, the lessons were valuable and filled with information. Mary has the ability to describe an aid or position with a variety of approaches. She determines the best method to describe the aid or position and then very clearly articulates the instruction with confidence and compassion. I found her ability to be sensitive to me and the other students very valuable in her lessons. Her compassion and approach to instruction built my confidence because I knew Mary was willing and open to questions, concerns, and needs for additional instruction. The openness of Mary communication style has served me and the other students in building strong horsemanship and riding skills.

I continued for the last four years as Marys student and have entrusted the full care of my five horses to Mary at her Bridled Passion Farm. She has demonstrated a significant professionalism in the business dealing of her equine management and training program. Her attention to detail on the horses schedule for training, medical and shows has earned my highest confidence.

As you can see from my comments, I have a great deal of respect for Mary and her equestrian training skills, barn and stable management kills and professionalism. She has my highest personal recommendation.

Nancy E. Thomas

My first trainer Mary Claeys was a stickler on horse care. I spent 30 minutes preparing properly for the lesson and then taking proper care of the horse after. She was the first trainer who believed I had talent, and she made a German trainer that came to work with adults watch me. I remember him making me ride without stirrups on my pony for nearly 40 minutes! Afterward, he agreed that he would work with me when he came to the U.S. She is the one who pointed out my potential to my parents and had them get me more training and a horse of my own. She got me back on a horse after my first big scary fall and I will always remember that.

Ayden Uhlir

I have had the great pleasure to get to know Mary Claeys as a professional equine trainer and riding instructor for the duration of 8 months.

I acquired a Lusitano stallion in California that immediately upon his arrival to Texas was boarded, trained, and cared for with affection, by Mary Claeys ar her Bridled Passion Farm in Cleburne. I chose Mary for my stallion because of her knowledge and understanding of the baroque horse, classical dressage riding, and stallions. Mary showed to be all that I had expected for my stallion and more.

I can recommend Mary as a skilled and proffessional individual in matters concerning training, handling, and caring for horses of many breeds, foals, mares, stallions, and geldings alike, and of course also riding and instructing in many disciplines.

Katarina Wenger

I have been very fortunate to know Mary Claeys for a number of years. In my experience it is  rare to find an equine professional who excels as a horse trainer and as a  riding instructor. Mary is that equine professional. She has been working with  several of my young horses establishing the basics of dressage as well as preparing my horses for sale. All are progressing well and she has found great forever homes for many of our horses.

Mary works with each horse as a partnership. Helping each horse find reassurance and understanding with all aspects of their training. Always working within each horses skill level, confirmation and instilling trust and a respectful work ethic with a solid foundation. Mary treats every horse as if they were her own.

I highly recommend Mary in working with young horses just starting under saddle, training for show, preparing for breed shows as well as acting as sales agent to find each horses next owner and riding partner.

Valerie Murray, owner of Quest Horse Ranch

Hacienda El Encanto has been working with Mary Claeys for a number of years to produce outstanding P.R.E. Andalusians and Aztecas for both show and pleasure. Mary has been instrumental in the training and showing of my stallion Lechoso D.  With great compassion, understanding and skill she showed and won Grand Champion stallion in several Breed shows and Dressage shows.  Mary shows great skill and passion working with all horses, and shows incredible patience as an instructor.

Mary has also helped with booking, breeding, care, and sales of many of Hacienda El Encanto’s offspring. Preparing many youngsters for breed shows and training under saddle for their new forever homes. Mary also advises and encourages me in many of our farm endevors.

I highly recommend her as a trainer and a consultant in all equestrian management matters.

Juan A. Espinoza, Owner of Hacienda El Encanto and  Vice president of PREBA

Primarily, I show cutting horses. While learning Dressage with Mary, I learned  better posture, balance and feel which has made riding all horses easier.

That is not the only great thing I have to say about Mary. She trained four of our AQHA/APHA young horses and maximized their Dressage potential.  They are willing, hard-working and very athletic.

Mary exceeded my expectations. She taught my wife and me how to succeed with our own horses. (A rare quality¦ not every great horse trainer is also a great rider coach!)

In summary: Mary is an excellent horse trainer and rider coach. You and  your horse will benefit by riding with her even if Dressage is not your  primary discipline. She will also take care of your horses like they are her own. Mary Claeys has earned my trust and respect!

SA Eldridge

My husband John and I have know Mary Claeys for several years. When I first started taking lessons with her, I was impressed with her skill, knowledge and humor. She is a kind and compassionate instructor, trainer and horsewoman. I had the privilege of purchasing my horse Jack from Mary. I have been impressed with her skill to match horse and rider. Also, I have had the opportunity to place my horse in training with Mary.

My horse has advanced and received an excellent foundation under her guidance. Mary is an honest, gifted and professional horsewoman. I highly recommend her as a trainer, instructor and I only trust her with the care of my horse. My horse has thrived at Bridled Passion Farm.

Tracy Lynn Friedmann

It is difficult to find a person that can train and teach classical  dressage, but Mary Claeys is that kind of person.  She is very well  versed in the art, and for the past two years has been passing that  knowledge to our horses and to us.  Last year, under Mary's excellent  guidance, our youngest horse took top honors in first level with the  Friesian Heritage Horse Association.  This year we have two in training  and at 63 years of age I have begun taking lessons with Mary to show in  amateur classes...who knows how far we can go!  We will readily  recommend Mary to anyone interested in anything from foaling to showing  at the highest levels.

Stan and Raelynn Stephens

Thank you Mary for your passion, expertise and professionalism to the 
Andalusian breed.  The dedication in maintaining the purity and
integrity  of the bloodlines by research and breeding methods  enhances
our horses to produce excellent foals year after year. I always have
been pleased with the offspring my mares have by your stallions.  It has 
been a pleasure to work with someone who is hardworking  and honest as
you. I  look forward to the future of our  breed .

Jennifer Fowler
Majia Clasico Ranch

I have known Mary for 5 years. During that time she helped us figure out that our horse had ulcers and what to do to help him. He is now gaining weight and moving better than he ever has before. She looks at the  whole picture: the rider, the horse, and the health of both. A great  place to take lessons and to train your horse. She is passionate about  dressage and is not scared to try new things for the difficult horse. My daughter has been riding with and working for Mary for 3 years as a  student. In that time she has gone from Training level to Third Level on anything but an easy ride (Not Mary's fault our horse can be  "challenging") Mary has stuck by Us and continues to show the potential  that is still there. She rocks!

D’Ann Cobb

To this day I carry what I learned from you with me everywhere. Now that I am an adult, I feel like you helped me grow in a lot of ways during riding lessons that has really helped me in my new life without my dad and having to be a grown up. Thank you for your encouragement.

Hannah Kathryn

We met Mary a couple of years ago when our daughter started riding lessons.  She was terrified and had our daughter comfortable and riding her first dressage test in no time. 

After watching Mary with our daughter and observing her training horses I decided to send her our coming 3 year old  16.2 hh PRE stallion to get started under saddle.  Mary managed to do so much with him in a short period of time I was just so impressed. We had a lot of bad weather while our stallion was with her and she made sure he stayed and got his 60 days under saddle. You will not find a better more honest trainer around. Not only am I happy to spread the word about Mary and her training program but I plan on sending her more of my horses! Thank you Mary!!

Sherry McGillard, owner of Epic Andalusians

We've known Mary for about four years now and have seen firsthand how much she cares about both the horses and the riders she trains. Our daughter has learned a lot about responsible horsemanship and life from Mary, who consistently pushes her to be her best and give her all. Mary tends to each and every horse with a motherly love and notices even slight changes in their behavior. She is so attuned to the animals that she is often able to catch potential issues early and help them recover faster. Our horse, Cara Mia, recently had her first foal. As relative newcomers to the horse world, we weren't sure what to expect but Mary knew almost immediately when the mare gave birth, sent us pictures of the new foal in the middle of the night and stayed up to make sure that mother and baby were doing well. With our horses at Bridled Passion Farm with Mary, we have the peace of mind of knowing that they are receiving the best care possible.

Sharon Simpson

I bought my horse, Romeo (sire Fiero BPF), as a yearling from Mary. Like all of her yearlings, Romeo had a calm disposition as Mary handles her babies early to ensure an easy transition to their forever homes. When it came time to start Romeo under saddle, there was no one else I trusted to train him. Mary is an accomplished rider and is very patient with young horses. She recognizes that each horse is an individual and adapts her riding style to effectively communicate with each horse. She is also an excellent teacher and continues to help me develop my skills as a rider. I fully recommend Mary and Bridled Passion Farm for all of your breeding and training needs.

Kelsey Rice

I love working with Mary! I have purchased two horses from her in the past 5 years and am a repeat buyer of her sire Fiero's offspring. She represents her horses honestly, and is a pleasure to work with throughout the buying process. I appreciate how she kept in communication with me during the last few months of me waiting for my filly to be weaned and kept my excited heart happy with videos and pictures. I Highly recommend Bridled Passion Farm for both sale horses and breeding!

Alicia Lopez Little

I have known Mary for almost 20 years. During that time she has worked with several of my babies and young horses. She has taken babies who needed to learn to be handled and taught them ground manners and trained them to be shown in-hand. She has started young ones doing ground work and trained them to go under saddle. She has trained and presented horses for me at inspections. They have all been well-taken care of while at her facility and always look better (and act better!) when they leave than when they arrive.

Mary has always been very careful and very thorough in her work with the horses. She’s conscientious and has a great work ethic. She has always kept me updated concerning their progress. She’s an extremely knowledgeable and caring person. She’s a gentle, quiet, compassionate and steady handler and rider who instills trust and confidence in the horses.

In addition to training, Mary has also sold several horses for me. I have always found her to be fair and honest. I highly recommend Mary as a trainer, consultant, representative, rehab or just boarding.

Sharon Sigtenhorst

Thank you for all your work with D'Lainey. I can tell a huge improvement in her level of confidence not just in her balance but in how she carries herself even when not at the stable. I rode as a young girl and I know how much your help with D'Lainey will mean all throughout her life in so many ways. You have a gift sharing this with her, thank you more than I can say for this.

Shannon Tubb

I would highly recommend Mary Claeys of Bridled Passion Dressage for anyone that wants their horse started the correct way. I sent my 2 1/2 yr old Andalusian PRE filly to Mary as a big (16.2 hands) pushy youngster and after only 4 months in full training I can ride my horse and handle her with no problems. I am an adult amateur rider and I can say that you will truly get your money's worth at Mary's place. Even though I always tell her she doesn't charge enough! LOL. I know she does this for the love of the horse!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary for starting my sweet girl and I look forward to our Dressage future for many years!!!

Tonya Messick

Mary Claeys

 I said it to you but I'll say it to everyone....

"I knew your boy Maestro BPF was lovely but we are so impressed. You have done a fantastic job with him both in breeding and in handling. We are thrilled to work with such a quality colt. Thank you for all you do!" What an absolute stunner! And so well behaved Wow Wow Wow!!!

Caroline Mercier Stanton

Rendez-Vous Farm


Thank you Mary Claeys for showing us all of your handsome stallions, beatiful mares, and spectacular babies! John Day and i really appreciated it! If you would like a quality horse check out Bridled Passion Farm. You won't be disappointed.

Laura Day


Bridled Passion Farm is a premiere breeder of Pure Spanish Andalusian horses of Spain. We believe in preserving the breed as it is preserved in Spain and register our horses with ANCCE-LG/Spain and

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