Mary spent her life riding many different disciplines including working cattle on the LBJ Ranch as a young woman, trick training, Doma Vaquera and finally her love, Dressage.

In addition to training her own personal horses, she trains outside horses for breeders and individuals for a number of disciplines including Dressage, Breed shows and Exhibition. Although Mary enjoys working with all breeds, her passion is for the Baroque Pure Spanish horses she breeds, trains and shows Nationally. "the Bravado they exhibit is equally matched by their even temperaments and elegant movement they offer!" Because of their naturally collected movement, their training structure is different from the big moving Warmbloods that dominate todays Dressage arenas at the lower levels. It has been a joy to watch as people find out how incredibly wonderful these horses are to own and ride, making the Baroque horse the next BIG cycle in the world of Dressage competition!


FEI trainer and USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist

Mary Claeys

Mary Claeys has acheived the honors from the United States Dressage Federation by earning her USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. She earned these honors on horses that she personally trained thru the levels to achieve the highest ranking of a Grand Prix Competitor, a full time professional FEI trainer and ongoing student of Dressage, specializing in Classical Dressage. Mary and her horses have earned numerous awards and national titles both with the USDF, USEF and IALHA.

She continues her training with International trainers such as Rietmiester Karl Heinz Streng, Walter A. Zettl, Hannes Mueller director of the German Riding Academy, Jan Nivelle FN, Herr Harald Bauer of the Spanish Riding School, Jochen Hippenstiel FN, Alex Wortmann FN, Alfredo Hernandez and most recently FEI 5*/O-Judge Peter Holler (GER), Peter Borggreve of Germany, Jane Savoie, Heather Blitz, Pam Goodrich and attends USDF symposiums.



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